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Bednest rental with organic mattress

Bednest rental with organic mattress


Would you prefer to rent a Bednest? We deliver your Bednest at your door and after 7 months your drop the Bednest at a DPD parcel shop!

This is how we unburden you during this hectic time.


Complete Bednest

Rent a Bednest in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

When renting a Bednest, you can be sure that your Bednest is in a perfect and clean condition, with a new matrass and new sides.

Renting a Bednest can be arranged at any time. This may be months ahead, just before due date or after birth. Please do allow a few days for delivery.

Please keep in mind when renting a Bednest, it takes some days for the Bednest to arrive. If you need a Bednest immediately, please contact us directly, we will do our best to get the Bednest to you in time.

You rent the Bednest for a 7-month period. Do you wish to extend your rental period, please contact us!

We advise you to have your Bednest delivered at least two three before due date. If your baby is unexpectedly born earlier, please let us know and we will do our best to deliver a Bednest as soon as possible.

In the Web shop choose the date 3 weeks prior to due date. At the end of the 7-month period, we will send you an email how to return the Bednest. NOTE: Please make sure to keep the transport box for return shipment.

Extra Bednest rental accessories 

Please check the desired extra accessories. These will be delivered together with your Bednest.

After the rental periode you keep the accessories like the travel bag, sheets and mattress. You only return the straps, fabric sides and wooden parts.

Always read the user manual before use. You may download the user manual here

Rent a Bednest in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

The rental Bednest will ship for free in the countries mentioned above.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 88 × 54 × 24 cm


  1. When we were packing the cot, we were very emotional! Party as it meant our baby is not an infant anymore and partly as we loved the cot and it’s empty space beside our bed was really noticeable!
    Thank you so much not only for a very well made and great product but also for a lovely personalised customer service.

  2. Just had my Bednest arrive ahead of schedule so feeling super prepared for the arrival of my baby. Excellent personal service and always quick to reply to my emails. Easy to assemble and beautifully designed. So great we can ‘rent’ a brand new Bednest. Fingers crossed our baby will like it as much as we do.

  3. Such a good idea. The Bestnest itself was perfect. I could adjust the height to my bed and Charlie was close enough to me to feel secure but safe. Night feeds were so much easier. Renting sat much better with my eco conscience rather than buying something that I would only use for a short period of time, its great that one item can get so much life. Great service and very affordable. Highly recommended.

  4. Dit bedje verruilde het familiewiegje waar mijn andere 3 kinderen in hebben gelegen. Ik heb zo veel plezier van het bedje en heb geen moment spijt gehad van de aanschaf. Ik heb het bedje ook al bij andere moeders aanbevolen. Dit bedje had ik 9,5 jaar eerder moeten hebben😊. Het is echt knus en gezellig om zo met mijn zoontje te slapen. Ik hoop dat hij nog een lange tijd in zijn bednest past.
    Groetjes Marlous

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